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I provide individual psychotherapy utlizing a relationship-based, collaborative, and holistic approach which is grounded in psychodynamic,cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness-based theories and approaches. I provide a safe, supportive, confidential atmosphere where each woman can share openly the challenges she is currently facing. Click here for more information.

Psychopharmacology Consultations and Medication Management

I provide medication consultation and ongoing medication treatment with special attention to concerns around pregnancy, lactation, and women's health. For more inforamtion click here.



Parent-Infant Psychotherapy

I provide psychotherapy sessions with parent and infant together to help parents have an easier and more enjoyable experience with their baby, one in which both parent and  baby thrive. Click here for more infomation.

Treatment Areas

Consultation and Supervision for Professionals

I provide one time consultation to discuss a particular case or ongoing supervision for your psychotherapy and/or psychopharmacological work with perinatal women and women of all ages. I also offer supervision for early career psychiatric nurse practitioners. 

Perinatal Mental Health

Preconception counseling

Depression and/or anxiety during pregnancy

Postpartum depression and/or anxiety

Prenatal and postpartum adjustment

Parent-infant relationships, attachment and bonding

Pregnancy after previous postpartum depression

Childbirth fears

Traumatic pregnancy or birth experience

Fertility challenges

Pregnancy loss

Pregnancy termination

High risk pregnancy

Parenting issues

The challenges of raising young children

Relationship issues emerging in light of pregnancy and parenthood

General Mental Health Treatment




The impact of trauma

Relationship conflicts

Life transitions

Work/life balance

Spiritual exploration

Premenstrual and perimenopausal mood problems

Midlife challenges

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