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Psychotherapy offers the opportunity to cultivate insight, identify the thought and behavior patterns that are keeping you from feeling your best, and develop strategies which can lead to healthy changes and positive growth.


Therapy is an important investment of your time and resources.  I honor that investment with a commitment to providing outstanding treatment and attention. I bring extensive training and experience to my practice, using evidence-based treatments to offer care that will most effectively help you work through your problems.  I have found that there is no “one size fits all” approach to therapy.  Individuals come to therapy for different reasons and with different needs.  Although I generally work from a psychodynamic approach --  integrating cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness approaches as needed --  I adapt my approach with each woman to best meet her individual needs and preferences.  



Parent-Infant Psychotherapy

Sometimes a woman may experiences difficulty feeling connected to her infant or providing the sensitive care to her newborn that she wants to provide. This may be due to depression, anxiety, or problems stemming from insecurities that developed from the mother’s own experiences in childhood. It can also be due to feeling overwhelmed by the demands of taking care of a newborn, especially if the baby is fussy or a high-need baby or if there have been difficult circumstances or complications surrounding the pregnancy or birth.    

In parent-infant psychotherapy, the focus is on the relationship between you and your baby and the development of a strong and loving attachment. In the context of a warm and nurturing therapy relationship, I will help you cultivate an easier and more enjoyable experience of mothering – one in which both you and your baby can thrive.


Psychotherapy without medication is often extremely effective, but there are certainly circumstances in which medication might be necessary. Research has shown that when medication is used, it is usually more effective in conjunction with psychotherapy.


As an advanced practice nurse, I can prescribe medications and oversee pharmacological treatment. After a comprehensive  assessment, I will help you think through your options, and we will develop a treatment plan most appropriate for you. I will work closely with to provide careful and supportive ongoing medication monitoring.

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